“Chirchiq shohsanam” Ltd.

Goals and objectives of the organization:

  • Establishment of a social center for women and youth for professional training (VET) and additional educational courses (courses are provided on a non-commercial and commercial basis in order to secure the sustainability of the center)
  • Promotion of a healthy life-style
  • Providing consultations for the trained participants of the center, supporting them to find a job with the help of a database (job exchange)
  • Stimulating spiritual, intellectual and professional potential of women and youth. Support of initiatives for strengthening their socio-economic status. Developing independent thinking, widening their views, supporting organizational talents and leadership skills, as well as educating them in the spirit of human values and national traditions
  • Creating new employment opportunities

ООО «Центр развития рыночных навыков»

Центр является неправительственной организацией созданной в форме общества с ограниченной ответственностью. Миссией Центра является содействие развитию отечественных менеджеров и предпринимателей,  путем предоставления им обучения и консультирования, обеспечивающего приобретение современных знаний, формирование качеств и навыков, востребованных предпринимательским сектором экономики.  Центр в 2010 году окажет содействие в развитии бизнес-планов ЦОВ проекта dvv international.

Общественное объдинение «Золотое наследие Арала» г. Нукус

Данная организация является негосударственной. Миссией  является содействие изменению социально-экономической ситуации в регионе (Каракалпакстан) и улучшению качества жизни населения через обучение и поиски альтернативных вариантов трудоустройства. Основное  направление деятельности в сфере туризма и ремесленничества. При поддержке dvv international организация в 2009 году организовала профессиональные курсы  для глухих женщин. В 2010 году планируется поддержка выше указанных курсов, а также профессиональных курсов  по подготовке кадров в сфере туризма.

Центр развития бизнеса и туризма г. Хива

Данная организация является негосударственной. Миссией  является организация и внедрение новых навыков в работе предприятий, независимо от их формы собственности и вида деятельности, развитие  бизнеса и туризма. При поддержке dvv international Центр осуществляет подготовку и переподготовку кадров в сфере туризма и гастрономии, на базе «Арт-Ресторана».

ООО «Табиати -Фариж»

Данная организация является негосударственной, объединением нескольких гостевых домов в Фариже (Джизакская область, поселок Янгикишлак)   Миссией  является организация создание профессионального туристического сервиса в сфере общественного (сельского, экологического) туризма. При поддержке dvv international хозяева гостевых домов приняли участие в ряде семинаров в области предоставлении услуг туристам, организованным РНУКЦ НК «Узбектуризм». В 2010 году планируется продолжить обучение в сфере услуг и туризма, для повышения качества предоставляемых услуг, что впоследствии положительно влияет на уровень дохода населения.

MBM Group was founded in 2002 as a private consulting company (Co. Ltd) by business trainers and consultants which have been trained and gained professional experience during 8 years working within the German Technical Assistance Project "Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises in Uzbekistan" (1994 - 2001).

From 1994 onwards the staff members of MBM group have been trained as CEFE trainers and business consultants, as well as at many specialized trainings like management consulting, strategic planning, project appraisal, process optimization techniques (KAIZEN), leasing in Uzbekistan, market analyses (using SPSS), international export marketing etc.

MBM Group is contributing to the development process of market relations and the creation of an entrepreneurial society in Uzbekistan by offering professional business training and consulting services to Uzbek and foreign companies and organizations, to enable entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial-related structures to reach commercial effectiveness and business success.

MBM Group services cover a wide range of directions, including:

Business Consulting

Workshops, training courses and seminars for entrepreneurs, managers as well as for business creators

Training of Trainers and Training of Consultants

Corporate trainings on personnel skills improvement, management, internal and external communication of enterprises and related structures


Assistance in establishing international business contacts

MBM Group maintains good working relations with various Uzbek private and state enterprises, as well as with international projects and institutions.

NGO “Istiqbolli Avlod”, Surkhandarya region

Mission of the organization:

To support personality development of teenagers and youth through information, education and training in order to increase social integration and active citizenship of these target groups.

Target group of the organization:

Vulnerable women (divorced, widowed, migrant, unemployed, poor, with many children, victims of trafficking, sex-workers), unemployed men (potential victims of trafficking), youth aged 15-25 (youth, affected by drugs and HIV/AIDS)

Main directions of NGO activity:

Informative direction:

  • Conducting informative seminars, discussions, thematic discotheques (in educational institutions for students and teachers, in makhallas for unemployed population, vulnerable women, unemployed men and youth)
  • Telephone hotline informing the population about legal opportunities of going abroad and dangers and consequences of illegal migration
  • Conducting information sessions for vulnerable women, e.g. on the following topics: “How to start your own business”, “Women's leadership”, “Family conflicts”, “Communication skills”, “Reproductive rights”, “Risks and consequences of illegal migration”, “HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, reasons and consequences of drug addiction”
  • Conducting peer-to-peer educative sessions for youth in secondary, secondary-specialized and higher education institutions on the following topics: “HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, reasons and consequences of drug addiction, risky and responsible behavior” 
  • Conducting outreach work (friendly talks) in makhallas, parks and other places of youth concentration on topics: “HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, reasons and consequences of drug addiction, risky and responsible behavior “
  • Conducting events (e.g. youth clubs, interactive events, debates, sport competitions) for youth in order to prevent HIV/AIDS and drug addiction and to promote a healthy lifestyle including safer sex 
  • Conducting outreach work (friendly talks) for sex-workers in places of their concentration (apartments, motorways, disco-bars) on prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Educative direction:
  • Offering free professional courses on hairdressing, tailoring, massage, manicure and facial-tattooing for vulnerable women
  • Offering free courses on languages, mathematics, history, computer skills, biology and sports, e.g. table tennis, football, volleyball, basketball and chess for youth in order to prevent HIV/AIDS, drug addiction and promoting a healthy life-style
  • Consultative direction:
  • Free consultation hotline for victims of trafficking, (labor) migrants and potential migrants
  • Lawyer consultations for victims of trafficking
  • Free psychological consultations for vulnerable women
  • Free psychological consultations for youth