“Promotion of Ethnic Equality And Civic Engagement” (PEACE)

(January 2014-December 2015)

“We’re diverse. We’re equal.”

Overall objective: The project aims to contribute to reducing interethnic and interreligious tension and to strengthen peaceful potential in Kyrgyzstan.

Contracting Authority:

European Commissio/ Instrument for Stability

Peace-building Partnership Annual Action Programme 2012/ Support to in-country actors to prevent and respond to crisis in fragile and conflict-affected situations - Kyrgyz Republic

Budget line(s): 19 06 01 01

Reference: EuropeAid /134-453/L/ACT/KG

Project donor: Вудупуешщт of the European Union in the Kyrgyz Republic (80%), BMZ contribution: 20%

Total project budget: 500.000, - Euro

Name of the lead applicant

Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association / (DVV International – IIZ/DVV)


Public Association “Youth of Osh”, Osh, Kyrgyzstan


Institute for Youth Development, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Nadezhda Romanenko, DVV International Representative Office in the Kyrgyz Republic, National Team Leader, Project Coordinator


Tel: +996 312 323 901, 0558 858758

-Akmaral Satinbaeva - Project Coordinator / Osh.


-Kasmalieva Azhara project coordinator / Bishkek.


Location(s) of the action:

country – Kyrgyzstan

region(s) – Osh, Jalalabat, Batken,  Chui

town(s): Osh, Jalalabat, Batken,  Tokmok, Bishkek

Objectives of the action

Overall objective: To contribute to decrease of inter-ethnic and inter-religious tensions in Kyrgyzstan and strengthen peace potential in the country. Specific objective:Enhancement of two youth NGOs capacities to re-connect, integrate and  consolidate young people with different background for articulation of own problems and playing an active role in communities and affairs affecting them.

Target group(s)

Two youth NGOs as beneficiaries will strengthen their capacity to implement large-scale and innovative peace-building projects.

At least 500 young activists representing various ethnic groups aged 15-24 in 5 settlements of Kyrgyzstan: Osh, Jalalabat, Batken, Chui oblasts and the city of Bishkek. Members of 25 youth groups.

Final beneficiaries

Minimum 5.000 of family members and friends of the target group and appr. 500.000 of general population of the project locations will benefit from indirect involvement into the action and further living in peace.

Main activities

The main project components:

0. General Project Management; 1. Capacity building; 2. Empowerment of youth and re-connecting across ethnic and geographical dividers; 3. Awareness raising measures.

Description of project activities:

Young people with various interests (graffiti, rap, photo, journalism, multiplication, blogging, dancing, etc) will be united into 25 various creative groups and will be working together on creating informational and educational materials/ products, promoting peace and tolerance, in-tercultural communication, civic responsibility and present them to wide public through social reels, TV bridges, flash-mobs, festivals, forums, exhibitions, organized in the cities and rural areas of the country. 

The project activities will be presented through regular information reels, newsletters, web-sites, press-conferences, leaflets.

Trainings in elaboration of project proposals, fundraising, diversity management, conflict prevention, personal development and civic engagement will be organized for leaders of youth organizations within the project.

The group of youth leaders – creative groups’ members, journalists, representatives of partner organizations will get acquainted to DVV International experience in peace building and reconciliation in Georgia and Armenia during a Study Tour to Caucasus.

Project partners

  • Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Ministry of Labor, Migration and Youth of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Regional departments of Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken areas;
  • Authorized Representation of the Government in Osh region, Social monitoring and development Department;
  • City Hall of Jalal-Abad;
  • Batken State University;
  • Youth Center of Jalal-Abad;
  • Jalal-Abad, Osh, Batken city departments of education;
  • Youth Committee of the Osh City Adminixtration;
  • Public regional television and radio company “Yntymak”.


1. Organizational capacities of two youth NGOs including their peace-building and conflict prevention abilities has been strengthened and their networking improved;

2. At least 500 young people are empowered to play an active role in public, social and cultural life of their communities and the country, structured dialogue between youth, their organizations and local/regional/national authorities on tolerance, civic integration, peace, youth policy etc. is fostered;

3. Awareness of the Kyrgyz society on tolerance and civic integration is raised

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