The education sector faces many problems today, but the problems of access for people with disabilities to vocational training are increasing at times. If one of the reasons is the lack of...

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(January 2019- present) – Duration 12 months

Overall objective: Create training areas for training on the basis of pilot libraries of Kyrgyzstan


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(May 2019- present)

What is Curriculum globALE?

A cross-cultural core curriculum for the training of adult educators worldwide.


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(March 2017-February 2019)

Overall objective: To foster a cohesive, democratic society in Kyrgyzstan through involving and capacitating various stakeholders, especially youth actors, in the...

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(January 2016 - February 2018)

Overall objective: Raising civic engagement of the youth through non-formal education


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(January 1997- present)

Overall objective: Advocacy and lobbying of Lifelong Education for All in the countries


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